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Meet our Rehab Team


Dawnen Knoefler
PTA & Rehab Director

Dawnen Knoefler has been at Odd Fellows for 18 years, providing therapy for patients who come for short term rehabilitation stays or for residents residing in long term nursing, assisted living, or our apartments at Odd Fellows Home.  When the position for the Rehabilitation Director opened, Dawnen was able to immediately step into this role due to years of experience and advocacy for those seeking rehab services at Odd Fellows Home.  Dawnen fosters a culture of teamwork with the Odd Fellows interdisciplinary team which is so important to ensure all aspects of care are addressed.   She also has specialized training in clinical programs specific to working with the geriatric population to facilitate specific care needs and successful outcomes. Dawnen enjoys getting to know each individual's unique personality and what drives them to succeed and be motivated in therapy.  Dawnen shares "the smallest things can make someone's day, I feel it's important to go the extra mile to make their rehab stay as comfortable and successful as possible." When not at work, Dawnen enjoys outdoor activities, including working in her garden or riding on one of her many bikes.


Frances "Miko" Rodrin
Physical Therapist

Miko Rodin is our lead Physical Therapist and has worked at the Odd Fellows Home for 6 years. Miko has over 25 years experience and is currently the only LSVT Big Certified Physical Therapist in the Walla Walla Valley with expertise in treating patients with Parkinson’s. Some of Miko’s other interests include ACL rehab, Joint replacements, Stroke rehabilitation, Spinal stabilization, and cancer rehabilitation. She is also a certified Dementia practitioner. Miko is devoted to helping people get their lives back after facing the challenges that comes with recovering from illness or disability. Seeing my patients regain their independence is the biggest reward I get that brings me genuine joy and satisfaction. I also have a unique perspective after living with my grandmother the first 8 years of my life. I want to give back and make a difference in the lives of those that have already given so much to my generation. I’m grateful to work at Odd Fellows as a Physical therapist which provides me the opportunity to do what I love to do.


Minda Raquipiso
Occupational Therapists

Minda Raquipiso has over 20 years of experience in Outpatient, Subacute, and long-term care. She has devoted over 10 years of her career to the Odd Fellows Home as our lead Occupational Therapist. Minda shares how much she is inspired by the patients she works with as they face life change from illness, injury, or disability. To see the transformation in a patient from not being able to care for themselves, regaining independence is truly amazing. Hearing a resident finally say “I can do this” or “my pain is gone” or “I get to go home” is what inspires her as an Occupational Therapist every day. Some of Minda’s skills & knowledge include Kinesio taping, lymphedema management, Orthopedic surgery with ADL dysfunction, splinting and contractures, Dementia, and Pain Management. When not at work, Minda loves to cook, bake, garden both vegetables and flowers, travel, and is always up for a good game of scrabble.

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